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Blueberry Plants Now Open for Pre-Ordering

Starting pre-orders for blueberry bushes early this year!

It’s a great time to plan out your blueberry bush order for spring. We expect another year of high demand for blueberry bushes. With all the uncertain times in the past year, why not grow your own blueberries to secure a fresh supply of food every year.

New this year we are doing ph testing for free, just bring a soil sample to us and we will get your ph reading of your soil.

Also new this year we have everything you need to grow blueberry bushes- Sulfur to lower ph, Holly Tone fertilizer, Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer, and bales of peat moss. Check below for pricing.

Here is the list of available blueberry bush varieties we have this year:

Blue crop 1 gallon 2 year old $14/each

1 gallon 3 year old $18/each

3 gallon $30/each

Blueray 1 gallon 2 year old $14/each

1 gallon 3 year old $18/each

2 gallon 3 year old $24

3 gallon 4 year old $30

Bonus 1 gallon 3 year $18/each

7 gallon $50/each

Jersey 7 gallon $50/each

Hannah’s Choice 7 gallon $50 each

Spartan 1 gallon 2 year old $14/each

1 gallon 3 year old $18/each

2 gallon $24/each

3 gallon $30/each

Nelson 2 gallon $24/each

3 gallon $30/each

7 gallon $50/each

Bluegold 1 gallon 3 year old $18/each

Patriot 2 gallon $24/each

7 gallon $50/each

St. Cloud 1 gallon 3 year $18/each

Elizabeth 1 gallon 3 year $18/each

Chandler 2 gallon 2 year $24/each

7 gallon $50/each

Chippewa 1 gallon 3 year $18/each

Aurora 1 gallon 2 year $14/each

1 gallon 3 year $18/each

Draper 1 gallon 2 year $14/each

1 gallon 3 year $18/each

2 gallon $24/each

Darrow 7 gallon $50/each

Reka 7 gallon $50/each

Northland 1 gallon 2 year $14/each

1 gallon 3 year $18/each

2 gallon $24/each

7 gallon $50/each

Duke 1 gallon 2 year $14/each

Elliot 2 gallon $20/each

Confused on which variety to choose? Check out our variety posts on our Facebook page @BlueberryHillFarmsandNursery for more information.


Peat Moss 3.8cuft bale $14.95

Peat Moss Grower’s Grade 3.8cuft $24.95

Holly Tone 4lb bag $9.95

Ammonium Sulfate 4lb bag 9.95

Sulfur 4lb bag 9.95

All items are plus tax.

Included with every order is our blueberry bush grow sheet to answer the most common questions about growing blueberry bushes.

All of our stock has seen at least 1 central New York winter and they are healthy and hardy for our growing area.

If you would like to place a pre-order please send us a message on Facebook, email mark@blueberryhillfarmsandnursery.com or call us 315-368-5578. We will invoice you by email thru square to guarantee you get the best of our stock and the varieties you want before they sell out. Pickups will start mid April depending on the weather.